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Are we comprised merely of energy particles, measurable by science, or is there more… energy stored in each of us that science would never be able to put a finger on?

FUEL is the moving story of a runner who has been training on the streets of London to do one thing: to win his maiden race, the New York Marathon. From the time he was a young boy, he culled the best running techniques from the world's running elite, and built himself into a running machine. But it is only after he steps onto the streets of New York that he learns life's biggest lesson. That beyond is where it begins.

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I used to say this to a writing student of mine. "Commitment is when you plant your seeds and your feet on the same patch. "

My hopes, my dreams, my all... I've poured it into this book of mine, and you'll find plenty evidence of this within its pages. I have discovered my passion in life, and it is to write. By buying this book today, for yourself, or for a friend maybe, you'll be taking me a step closer to doing that which I have come to love.

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Timothy Malcolm Smith, a young Creative Director at a cosy ad agency in East Central London, has warmed the hearts of an entire nation with his creativity and charisma, and is being hailed as one of London’s best creative minds ever. Having arrived at the pinnacle of fame in England, Timmy has shifted his sights beyond his home shores, to New York City. Since he began his career in advertising, it had been Timmy’s ambition to one day set foot in the Big Apple unannounced, and astound the city within days of his arrival, not with his mind, but with his feet. 

Training in secret from the time he was a young boy, Timmy diligently perfected his running time till he was within reach of some of the world’s best. He had never before run in competition, and for many years held but one aspiration close to his heart, to win his maiden race, the New York Marathon.

With every Brit in the country tuned in to watch him, Timmy flew like the wind through the streets of New York, and built an insurmountable lead. On the cusp of victory, with an entire nation holding its breath, Timmy did what all his countrymen had come to expect from him. The unexpected.

Jeremy Chin


Jeremy Chin is a former Creative Director who quit his job in search of a life of meaning. He discovered it when he wrote Fuel.

In a magazine interview, when asked how best he would describe himself, he summed it up this way, that he was a living contradiction of himself. A misfit within a misfit.

As a young boy he was the clean cut chess nerd who was sweaty and muddy all the time. The shy guy who could not stop talking once he got started. The knowledge lover who flunked his classes.

He was the lactose intolerant who could finish half a cheesecake in one sitting, the terribly motion sick guy who had been on more boats and planes than 99% of the planet. The funny person who was sad half the time. The Catholic who attended mass every weekend, and Bahai meetings every fortnight.

He was the guy who could lose and find himself in the exact same moment. The web designer who loved staring at programming code. The rowdy sports fan who could sew and loved to cook. The writer who never read.  

Fuel Outreach StART Society

StART society is a non-profit that uses the arts and performing arts to elevate the lives of underprivilleged children. For every copy of Fuel that is sold, a dollar is donated to the foundation.

Ctrl-Z Today

CTRL-Z is a larger philantrophic effort of Fuel to undo all that is wrong with this world. Each year, 100% of Fuel's profit from December sales goes to the Mother Teresa Children's Foundation.

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Media Reviews

It must be said that there are no great revelations in Fuel. There are no deep philosophical insights. No philippics against God. No "I returned home only to find what I was looking for was there all along" moments. All there is, is a great story, and wonderfully told. What more could anyone possibly want?

- New Straits Times -
[Full review]
reviewDividerI don't remember reading a book that affected me so acutely. And that's saying a lot, considering I had just read Imran Ahmad's critically acclaimed Unimagined before yours. It was brilliant but didn't sink its claws and fangs into my psyche like yours did.

- Alexandra Wong -
(Writer at The Star, Quill, Going Places)

reviewDividerThis debut novel is like a breath of fresh air. His writing style is lyrical yet poignant. It left me wanting more from Chin, and I sure hope this book won't be his last.

- KLue Magazine -
[Full review]
reviewDividerFuel proves to be an easy read and informative and manages to be inspiring without being preachy. It is riveting and there is this sense of anticipation as the protagonist works towards achieving his lifelong dream and learning many other lessons along the way.

- The Edge Newspaper -
[Full review]
reviewDividerAn engrossing read that makes you fall in love with the main characters, makes you long to see and feel the poetry of the beautifully-described places, and just breaks your heart into a million pieces with a totally unexpected ending. If I have just one word to describe FUEL, it is "potent".

- James Chua -
(Sub-Editor Wolters Kluwer)

reviewDividerIt was very different; the writing was lyrical and almost poetic with a sense of maturity in it.

- Seventeen Magazine -
[Full review]
reviewDividerI don't normally clip a pen to the book I'm reading, more so a fiction piece. But within the first half hour, I had to start over again as I underlined excerpts of the book which was just simply beautiful writing. What caught my attention from the start is the fact that Chin was able to put into words how most of us would feel when we're in love but are unable to elucidate.

- The Star Newspaper -
[Full review]

Jeremy Chin

Runner Reviews

I am having a hard time putting into words the emotions your book brought out in me. I laughed, I was intrigued and I cried. It was the best book I have ever read. I was amazed with your knowledge of running. You were spot on in your descriptions about running form. Thank you for reviving "the dreamer" in me. I hope you do write another book one day. I will certainly be one of the first to buy it.

- Tom Schaefer -
(President, New Jersey Road Runners Club)

reviewDividerThank you so much for your amazing work. I read FUEL in two days. Not because I have been stuck in airports weathering the storm but because I couldn't put it down. Thank you for sharing your gift with us mere mortals!

- Julia Khvasechko -
(Titanium runner, Marathon Maniacs)

reviewDividerWow! This book lulled me into a false sense of security, and then came at me with such tour de force with its juggernaut ending. Fuel is crafted beautifully, and I found myself going back to re-read many of this author's words because of they way they were ingeniusly assembled. I'm huge into running, it's a very essential part of my life. This is one of the best, if not the best running book I've ever read. I highly recommend it to you running folk who love a good underdog story.

- Ally Summers -
(Runner from California)
[Full review on Goodreads.com]
reviewDividerI find it hard to stick with a book unless it draws me and keeps me curious and so many books have fallen by the wayside because of this, however this book has kept me curious throughout it's 200 plus pages. Towards the end even though I looked forward to every chapter I also grew sad that the book would soon end....

I cannot recommend this book enough to you, it is truly a masterpiece.

- Stephen Legz Camburn -
(Runner from Portsmouth)

reviewDividerI just finished your book at 2am last night...not sure whether to feel happy, sad, bewildered or all of the above. Excellent piece of work! Thank you for writing it.

- Laura Gaffney -
(Owner, Pulse Health and Fitness Club)

reviewDividerWell - - - I JUST turned the last page of FUEL. I loved it. I have to say that you have quite a way with writing & you seemed to have found your calling.

- Ken Saveth -
(Managing Director, Know No Boundaries)

reviewDividerI've been accused in the past of epeolatry, and I have to say that on a literary level, this has to be one of the more intelligent books I've read in a while. No, it wasn't heavy, unlike books of its ilk. For the most part, the language wasn't overbearing, but smart. Jeremy, your book was brilliant. It was engaging. An emotional journey into the dark depths of nowhere. And I plan to read it again in case I missed some of the buried treasure.

- Scott Buress -
(Runner from New York)
[Full review]
reviewDividerI don't think I ever remember a time tearing while reading a book but yours made me.

- Pearl Ng -
(via Facebook Post)

reviewDividerWe all know that running isn't just about putting one foot in front of the other, it affects every aspect of our lives, our diet, our friendships, our family, our work and so much more. The title, Fuel, sums up the story with an absolute perfectness that no other word could muster. What are the different things that fuel you when you run? What fuels your body? What fuels your mind? Unlike almost all the other books on my reading list this book could be enjoyed by more than just the running community, it's one that I think the friends and family of runners would like.

- Matt Green -
(Ultra Runner, Islington)
[Full review]

Jeremy Chin

Fan Reviews

I really liked it! I found your writing style very descriptive, poetic and well paced. I say you have a winner on your hands :)

- Anner Ngiau -

reviewDividerIt's a great read for anybody who's ever followed a dream, worked for 'the man,' or has been in love.

- Thom Hiatt -
(President, Twin Bees Communications)

reviewDividerYour book has touched me deeply, emotionally and spiritually. I saw shades of myself in both Timmy and Cambria - as a marathon runner, and sadly, as a failed lover myself. I found it uncanny that, at times, their thoughts and struggles reflected painful facts and memories of my past which I've been struggling to understand and overcome for the past year or so. But thanks to your book, it has given me hope and a renewed sense of belief to continue persevering, to savour what life has to offer (good or bad) and to start off the new year with a clean slate for myself. Jeremy, thank you for allowing me to believe once more...

- Ray Mun -
(via email)

reviewDividerVery well written, in a precise, intelligent but "low atmosphere" kind of method (reminds me of the style of very good writers before WW 2). A moving tale that will change your life.

- Keith Tan -
(Professor at Taylor's College)

reviewDividerI was inspired, in awe, fell suddenly in love, laughed & cried…

- Alex Chong -
(New Jersey)

reviewDividerI just finished Fuel...LOVED it...I read it super fast! couldn't put it down!

- Lindsey Niezgocki -

reviewDividerHaving devoured so many books in my lifetime, I never thought I'd find one in which I could relate to in so many aspects. The last book to strike a chord with this heart of mine was The Choice from Og Mandino many many many moons ago.

- Brian Wee -
(via email)

reviewDividerFuel was given to me by my old friend, Dato Stephen Voon, and I am so thankful for this gift. I enjoyed your writing immensely. Keep going! I will be waiting for your next!

- Don L Smith -
(Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page)

reviewDividerJust finished reading your book like 10 minutes ago. Wow. Thank you. I'm struggling to find good words to describe it.

- Andrew Ea -
(Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page)

reviewDividerNone of the books i have read before carried the meaning of life so clearly as Fuel. Jeremy, thanks for writing such a wonderful book.

- Amol Waidande -
(Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page)

reviewDividerI enjoyed it immensely... The story resonates with me on several levels (love, advertising, London, and especially, running). Its good to know that you have many more books in you, and I really look forward to them. So please keep writing. It would be a shame not to.

- Hisham Othman -
(Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page)

reviewDividerBrian Wee wrote such a glowing review of your book that I literally ran out and got it the very same day from Bee in Jaya One. I was not disappointed. Thank you so much for this wonderful book.

- Narkunavathy Sundareson -
(Posted on Fuel FB Fan Page)

Online Reviews

Online Reviews

The author (this apparently is his first book) seems to have the ability to see average things from a completely unique perspective. And when you read his perspective you say to yourself, "Wow, I wish I could think that way."

- Jack Thomas -
[Full review on Amazon.com]
reviewDividerNot the typical romance novel, this book is a refreshing and welcomed addition to my collection of great reads. Packed with a wide array of solid but "i-didn't-know-that" facts, "Fuel" is for the hopelessly romantic but cerebral reader. The world has waited too long for Jeremy Chin to dish this one out.

- Joshua Lee -
(Programme Director, StART Society)

reviewDividerI don't normally read non-fiction since I prefer Body/Mind/Spirit books; however, this book is engaging and will fill you with the right energy to chase your own dreams. I look forward to more from this author.

- Aaron Shori -
[Full review on Amazon.com]
reviewDividerI originally thought it was a book about running which did not interest me at all. While waiting for George RR Martin to finish his next book I decided to go ahead and read Fuel. I am really glad that I got to experience this book. It is a emotional roller coaster that keeps you engaged throughout. I am even embarrassed to say that I was on the train blowing my nose and starting to get watery towards the end. Despite the embarrassment I would still read future offerings by this author.

- P-Johnson -
[Full review on Amazon.com]
reviewDividerA few chapters into the book, I already knew that this was no ordinary writer, that he was of a rare breed that could pull together great story telling, intelligent ideas, beautiful prose and the human condition. No book has ever affected me as deeply as this one has. Overall, it was an easy read, and I couldn't put the book down once I got started. The final one third of the book was executed with great tour de force and was very potent, and I found he could not have delivered a more beautiful final paragraph to end his story.

- Michelle Chan -
[Full review on Goodreads.com]
reviewDividerSpell binding. Remarkable characters. Excellent dialog. Intriguing story. Touching ending (I cried reading the last 10 pages).

- Melissa Kelly -
[Full review on Goodreads.com]

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